OPEN CALL for a Master course, Autumn 2020, BAS

We hereby launch an open call to propose, plan and conduct a complete master course at BAS for the autumn term 2020 (22. August - 18. December 2020). The teaching language is English. Deadline 1. February. Read more!

This will be one of three courses taught during the term and will consist of 20-25 students. On the following background you are free to propose any topic or approach, within schemes that discuss urgencies or fields of interest bridging analysis and explorations with spatial responses:

As a supplement to the other master studios this fall semester, the school requests a course that addresses a known problematic with the ambition to reach far into specific responses. The context should have a certain level of complexity. The school has an explicit goal to keep travel activities to a minimum. It is preferable that the applicant has substantial experience in housing (optionally this competence can be added onto the teacher team).


The Study quality board (SKU) will evaluate and select the preferred course based on the applicants’ project description.

The delivery should consist of:

-A brief of 2-4 pages describing the relevance of topic, approach/methodologies, skills trained and intended outcome. (see template for master course program attached) 
If your course is selected, the proposal will be sent to the students for them to make their choice of master course for the next semester.

-A teacher team description naming main teacher(s), lecturers and responsible for workshop units, listing their responsibilities and included short bios. 

We encourage female initiatives to strengthen our gender-balance.


Delivery of project description: 1. Februar 2020.  Send it to (mail titled ‘Open call master course autumn 2020’) 

For questions : please contact Siv /+47 55 36 38 80 or Cecilie / +47 988 36 892


If your course is selected, the main teacher will be in charge and responsible for setting up a budget and a more detailed plan/schedule for the course