Open lecture Wednesday 23. January at 1430: "Universal Design as architectural quality: current potentials and challenges" by Camilla Ryhl

Universal design was originally defined by the American Architect Ron Mace, as a design vision aiming at creating a more inclusive built environment, where users weren't discriminated based on their abilities or dis-abilities. Mace intended to create a means to design for inclusion through regarding all users as equal. The design concept of UD has since been redefined and implemented through out the world, and tin the Norwegian context the term has been re-named to universell utforming, and adopted into key legislation. The lecture will introduce the original defintions and intentions of the design concept Universal design, as an off set for a critical discussion of how UD/universell utforming is being interpretated and practiced in the Nordic region. Through her research work and the use of existing building cases, Camilla Ryhl will present key potentials of UD that we tend to miss out on in the current understanding of the term. She will also point to some of the most important current challenges of implementing UD as a core element of architectural quality. The lecture is based on her research in universal design in architecture through out numerous years. Camilla Ryhl is an Architect and currently a Senior Researcher at the Danish Building Research Institute (SBi) at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. She heads the research group on Universal design at SBi and the Master in Universal Design (MUDT). Camilla was formerly Professor in Universal design at BAS. In large auditorium. Welcome!