DAM ARCHITECTURAL BOOK AWARD 2017 - the jury assessment

As earlier announced, the BAS-publication "The City between Freedom and Security" was selected as one of the ten best architectural books by Deutsches Architekturmuseum. Read the jury assessment and see some images from the exhibition.

DAM jury assessment:

A book with an outstanding design and highly unsettling contents: With the black printed dust jacket the title of the book I partly covered over, with the words "Freedom" and "Security" remaining visible. The graphic zone suggests that here two concepts are being revealed and elaborated on. Only when one removes the dust jacket does one discover the yellow cover behind it and thus the complete book title with the black-and-white photography. The endpapers are printed with a critical hypothesis on gleaming yellow in large letters that run across the gutter.

With a successful combination of highly detailed, refined isometric illustrations and fittingly down-to-earth, neutral typography, different scenarios for securing public space are presented by key examples. The core hypotheses are inset into the blocks of copy and in this way the flow of the text is skillfully given a more relaxed feel. The security measures are described in a very vivid way. The different positions of the military, the police, the politicians and civil society are juxtaposed. 

What temporary and permanent restrictions on free space, buildings and events are we prepared to accept in exchange for the feeling of security? How secure will our democracy then be? Where is the line dividing security and surveillance? Not every place and not every person should be monitored. A topic that concern us all in an age of terrorist threats and wannabe autocrats. Where are the intelligent deign and architectural solutions that will succeed in not stripping us of a sense of freedom? These tasks must be construed from a human point of view, as avoidable security measures can swiftly themselves become threatening walls. This is definitely a topic that should not be left solely to the politicians, military and police to solve. On balance, this is a successful discussion (study) of various scenarios world-wide that entail much conflict – and are superbly suited to describing the subject's complexity!


The City between Freedom and Security. Contested Public Spaces in the 21st Century \ Verlag: Birkhäuser 


[…] A jury made up of external experts and representatives of Deutsches Architekturmuseum met to select the year’s ten best architectural books based on criteria such as design, content, quality of material and finishing, innovation, and topicality.


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September 9, 2017 – January 14, 2018, 3rd floor

Even in an age of growing competition from online media and new forms of communications, architecture education still centers on architectural books. Since 2009, the DAM Architectural Book Award in ccoperation with the Frankfurt Book Fair has therefore annually been bestowed on the best architecture books of the year, in this way presenting them to the interested members of the broader general public. A jury of experts, and its membership changes, assesses therespective new publications in line with criteria such as design, underlying concept, the quality of the materials and finishing, degree of innovation and topicality. The exhibition has been designed to resemble a reading room and thus reference this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair; it highlights all the awardwinning books from inside and outside Germany. Thus, in a calm and tranquil space more than 130 publications from the fields of architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and photography encourage you to read, browse and dream. This year’s award winners will be announced and integrated into the exhibition to coincide with the opening of the Frankfurt Book Fair on Oct. 12, 2017.