Open lecture at BAS Wednesday 22. March at 1430: "Contested Landscapes" by Kjertin Uhre

Contested Landscapes

The lecture brings forward a contextual inquiry of the mining policy in Scandinavia, and a situated study of a copper mine prospect in the North Norwegian county of Finnmark. Findings include that industrial mining impact all outfield businesses as well as coastal fishery, and that Sámi reindeer pastoralism is impacted by wide ranges of outfield activities. Kjerstin Uhre will discuss how cartographies are employed in controversial landscape transition, and the need to develop tools to understand and engage with landscapes that already exhibit and are likely to continue to present contested trajectories towards the future.


Kjerstin Uhre is an architect MNAL currently finishing her PhD project in Arctic landscapes at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Her thesis – The Perforated Landscape – addresses ongoing and contested transitions of outfield landscapes in Sápmi. She holds a diploma from the Bergen School of Architecture and has studied Philosophical Aesthetics at the University in Bergen. Uhre has built, exhibited, taught, debated, and published extensively and she is Director of Dahl & Uhre architects in Tromsø. D&U has alongside with designing built projects – alone and in collective achievements – contributed to Nordic urbanism through conducting prize-rewarded urban landscape projects and winning entries in open architecture- and idea competitions at regional and territorial scales in the Nordic Countries.

In large auditorium. Welcome to all!