6. January 2017 -Lectures in social science for diploma, but open for all interested!

The course aims at providing the students of architecture with a basic introduction to the knowledge fields within anthropology and theoretical and methodological approaches to variations within culture and society. Socio-cultural aspects of space and place are stressed in particular. The overarching aim is to encourage a critical and reflexive attitude toward the art and craftsmanship of architecture and its consequences for and its embeddedness within culture and society.


Friday 6. January   in LARGE AUDITORIUM

09.00-10.30:  Topic: Culture, society and individual- Introduction.

Lecturer: Frode F. Jacobsen.


1045-1215:  Topic: 1. Buildings and social institutions     2. Place and Landscape 

Lecturer: Frode F. Jacobsen


1300-1430:  Topic: The House.  Lecturer : Tord Bakke


1445-1615:  Topic: The City. Lecturer: Tord Bakke