Diploma 2016 - "Silk road" by Elora Brahmachari

A new wander through Tøyen

This project proposes a transformation of the existing Munch Museum building in Oslo (Norway) into a library as a meeting place especially designed for children and youth in the city and the surrounding area. The museum is located in Tøyen, where approximately half the population is of multi-ethnic origin and where there are few well-functioning public meeting places. The city government has implemented a series of initiatives called “Tøyensatsingen” (Aims for Tøyen), but unfortunately the potential of the building remains unutilized in these plans.

The Munch Museum institution is going to be be relocated in Bjørvika and when this happens local residents will loose an important cultural space that has given the area a sense of identity for many years. My proposal is to open up the facades and by cutting through, create new movements through the building. In doing this several passages are introduced to connect the building with surrounding paths, and thus becoming a nexus for other temporary existing programs such as a circus, sport events, markets, workshops or festivals.

It is important to include people in a community and the library can serve as a bridge between different cultures that in return might create different cultural synergies. The proposal seeks to create spaces that can evoke curiosity, the desire to learn and offer exciting encounters in a safe environment, where the overall aim is to contribute to a more bottom up, coherent and integrated area development.

Keywords: identity, Munch, multiculture, vitality, soft urbanism


Project title: Silkeveien, -en ny vandring gjennom Tøyen (Silk road. A new wander through Tøyen)

Munch form experiments

1:1 Sketch (Projections on the Munch-museum walls)

Munch-museum, concept model 1:500

«Silk road» (image from 1:100 model)

Exhibition installation