The BAS library

18 students on master level are designing and building the new library at BAS this semester. The work is in full progress, and right now they are working on the floor. To follow their work, check out their blog at Read more about the program for this master course.

BAS library

The students are exploring the many roles of the library, as simple programs but also as modes of significance. They will look at aspects of contemplation, knowledge-exchange, documentation and organization. During the semester they will work on conceptions to both facilitate the library program with storage and display of books and magazines and create a space for quiet reading and lively sessions.
This will be a construction course where the students take part in realizing their ideas through actual building of walls, ceiling and floor as well as shelf-units and furniture. They will have to consider spatial qualities like light, air and noise to establish a good work environment for the staff and the visitors.

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