Rådsmøte på BAS 30. Januar kl. 12-13

Det skal holdes rådsmøte på BAS våren 2019. Sted: Store auditoriet, BAS. Lunsj vil bli servert til de som deltar på møtet. Saker som ønskes behandlet må meldes rådsleder Marina Bauer mb@opaform.no innen 21.01.2019.

Open lecture Wednesday 28. November at 1430: MAPS (MFA Art & Public Space) presented by Detroit Kristensen

Detroit Kunsthalles, an alumnus of MAPS at KhiO will give a brief presentation behind the ideology of the program Art and Public Space . The two-year study programme focuses on art and its relationship with the public sphere, simultaneously embracing architecture and urban planning and design, alongside historical fine art practices. Hence if you are considering doing something like this as a supplement to your education at BAS, please come by to the auditorium and learn more about the school KhiO and the many facilities it has to offer.

Open lecture Wednesday 5. December at 1800: "Rimini Protokoll" by Helgard Haug

In the traditional theatre the concept of space is tightly linked to the model of a container: The black box as a receptacle that is marked out by walls and can always be filled again anew. The stage, the peep box of a closed room, is screened from the outside world of urban space. The exterior stands for reality and the interior is contrasted to reality, the unreal, fictional, imaginary. But theatrical space can be thought of more expansively. It comprises audience as well as performers. The way the space is structured determines how stories can be told and viewed: Who is looking and who is performing? Helgard Haug, founding member of Rimini Protokoll, will focus on different theatrical settings in urban space and on different ways of how an audience can be placed in(to) this setting in their work.