Årets arkitekturreise for 3. klasse går til Italia

Lærer BAS, Francesca Torzo er med på Biennalen i Venezia 2018. På BAS underviser hun bla i 3. klasse og i år skal 3 klasse studentene ned til Venezia og videre til Roma på arkitektur-tur vel en uke i oktober. Les mer!

14.september 18 - Opening of exhibition by 3.year students: "The driver's lesson " at Hordland Kunstsenter

The exhibition "The driver's lesson " is the result of a two weeks workshop, during which the students of the third year at the Bergen School of Architecture (K31) have entertained a dialogue with different drivers of public transport of the city of Bergen in order to develop a new perspective on the city. The exhibition consists in ten different projects presented in a common space, where the city can be seen through the filter of bus-, byban-, hearse-, taxi-, track-, boat-conductors. Teacher: Andrea Spreafico